Alexandre de Verteuil

Solutions Architect

Grafana Labs

About me

I’m passionate about free and open-source software, organizing information, psychology and art. I live in Montreal, Canada.

Currently working as a Solutions Architect at Grafana Labs. I help teams get monitoring and observability on distributed computer systems using telemetry and logging software building blocks.

I do: training, consulting, documentation.
I work with: teams, code, processes, systems, businesses.

Monkeys and sunsets make me happy.

Recent Posts

Firefox tabs analysis with Prometheus and Grafana

I wrote a Python script to count Firefox tabs and feed the metrics through the textfile collector.

Automation, observability

Free associations on automation, observability, the brain and the world.

Firefox tabs organized

We live and work in the web browser. This is how I manage 100s of Firefox tabs.

Nextcloud self-hosted architecture

I describe the infrastructure that supports our family self-hosted Nextcloud service.

Processing boxes

In case you wondered what 250 boxes looked like!