GrafanaCon 2019 in Los Angeles was over the night before, and the bus to Las Vegas was picking us up at 10 AM for the 2019 Grafana Summit. Before leaving Montreal, I packed sweat pants and running shoes in my luggage. During the trip, I really wanted to train at least once and compose shots of me jumping in front of palm trees.

At 7 AM I woke up, put my training clothes on and ran to the nearest park. I found a nice spot with rails and palm trees and started to warm up. The weather was dry, overcast and cool. Perfect.

You don't have to watch the whole length. There are 3 good jumps starting at 4 minutes 10 seconds in the third video. I left the warm up sequences unedited for those interested in watching the process.

2019-02-27 0707 warm up.mp4

2019-02-27 0712 warm up.mp4

2019-02-27 0713 at 4 minutes 10 good enough.mp4

And that's it! A local spectator gave me a thumbs up, I ran back to the hotel, checked out, had breakfast with colleagues, and the bus arrived.

Link to Google Street View of the spot


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