This was my project for my vacation week.

Library and desk

I built shelves for my girlfriend's “womancave”. I used heavy-duty steel shelving hardware from Lee Valley. Using the whole wall for made-to-measure shelving doubled the storage volume compared to our old IKEA EXPEDIT 5×5 cubes TV unit. Shelves are 12” deep, 8’ wide.

Face view of the desk and wall mounted shelves.
Desk and wall shelves viewed at an angle off the right side.
The antenna in front of the curtains points outside and we get 4 OTA TV channels this way. We cancelled cable TV.

Multimedia cabinet

I converted the wardrobe into a multimedia cabinet. The shelves hanging system is really just a simple 1×4 piece of wood on both sides with two 2” screws in the wall studs. L brackets prevent downwards bending of the 3 upper shelves. Three 2×4 sections are vertically aligned under the TV to hold the weight of all the devices and the TV.

Closed cabinet doors.
Opened cabinet doors showing a TV, game consoles, a DVD player, DVDs.
Closeup of the shelves hanging system.