This page lists styles overrides created in assets/scss/custom.scss.

Inline images

Remove padding and margins, set display: inline;.

How to use:

<img src="business.jpg" class="inline" />

The img shortcode

This one can be used in code fences.

{{< img src="" [alt=""] [class=""] [title=""] >}}


{{< video library="true" src="" controls="yes" >}}

The edit shortcode

How to use:

{{% edit %}}
À réviser
{{% /edit %}}

Will render as:

<p class="edit">
À réviser

And looks like this:

À réviser

I can also use Goldmark custom attributes support.

Paragraphe à réviser
My blog editing process is described in more details in Blog writing process.

Superscripts and subscripts

Copy/paste the Unicode characters.

Superscriptsx⁰, x¹, x², x³, x⁴, x⁵, x⁶, x⁷, x⁸, x⁹, x⁺, x⁻, x⁼, x⁽, x⁾, xⁿ
Subscriptsx₀, x₁, x₂, x₃, x₄, x₅, x₆, x₇, x₈, x₉, x₊, x₋, x₌, x₍, x₎, xₙ
Lettersxⁱ, xₐ, xₑ, xₒ, xₓ, xₔ, xₕ, xₖ, xₗ, xₘ, xₙ, xₚ, xₛ, xₜ, ,

Source: Superscripts and subscripts unicode block

Code blocks

Preformatted text with no automatic syntax highlighting.



I have a custom shortcode and scss for poems.

{{< poem >}}
a poem
{{< /poem >}}

a poem



[{{< icon name="external-link-alt" pack="fas" >}} External link](/)

Renders as: External link



<div class="alert alert-note">

<div class="alert alert-warning">

Override layouts/shortcodes/gallery.html and custom CSS in custom.scss.

Width automatically adjusted for portrait and landscape pictures.

  • Filename containing -f.: full width.
  • Filename containing -l.: large (2 columns, 2 rows).