2019 Blog engine migration

Moving from Pelican to Hugo

Previous blog engine

I was using Pelican for content management and templating engine.

I wrote my own basic theme based on the SemanticUI framework.


The landing page. Nice clean simple design, but too much attention on the picture, not enough useful information for a landing page.
The blog posts index. I had only two categories and they each had their little icon.

What I liked

I wrote my own template files in such a way that the output source code looked super clean

What I didn't like

  • The landing page contents
  • Maintaining my own custom HTML/CSS theme

The new blog engine and theme

I migrated to Academic, a theme for Hugo.

I filled in more information about me on the landing page The new picture brings less attention to the clothing and more on a friendly-professional headshot.

Alexandre de Verteuil
Senior Customer Engineer

I do systems administration and customer support