June 2023 in review

My monthly series

Meeting up at Borrego Trail for an educational Plant Walk.


This is the eighth post in my Month in review series.

June was loaded with fun and activities. There were lots of dinners, cocktails, sleepovers, parties and events.

The theme of the month is: parties.

Summer is glorious in Santa Fe. I remember when I first got here, looking at the city from a high viewpoint. The dominant colours were grey and brown. It was a little sad. But since the beginning of Spring, we see so many flowers and plants. Gardens and trails are lush with greenery and variety. We notice new species blooming every week.

Month activities

Women in Space Science panel at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science in Albuquerque. Riya participated in this science outreach panel at the planetarium space at the NMNHS. We also spent some time with our friends in Albuquerque, and watched a burlesque and pole performance night.

Pool Pole Dance Party for Cool People! The name says it. We hosted a pool and pole dance party with cool people at our place :smiling_face_with_sunglasses:.

Camping at Elephant Butte Lake. Riya’s work acquaintance invited us to their annual 4-day camping trip to Elephant Butte Lake. It was fun, we appreciated the invitation, and it was an opportunity to explore farther than Albuquerque. However the Sun was extremely deadly, and the wind was incessantly sandblasting our bodies. After 24 hours we decided to head back home.

ABBAquerque concert. The band ABBAquerque played at Tumbleroot in Santa Fe. As the name implies, they play ABBA song covers. They were really good; we danced and cheered the whole time!

Month favorites

  • Weekend in Albuquerque
    • Watched some tarot themed burlesque and pole performances called Divination Nation and two of our friends performed.
    • Riya was on a panel of Women in Space Science at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science!
    • Coffee at Michael Thomas.
    • We stayed at our friend’s parent’s AirBnB in Albuquerque. They had a very quiet and inspiring garden, with lots of hummingbirds.
  • Climbing trees with Riya and Ari.
  • Hiking and exploring on Moon Mountain 🌔 (which is next to Sun Mountain 🌄). Two times alone, and one time with Ari.
  • Dinner and cocktails at Radish & Rye.
  • Brunch and tea with friends at The Teahouse.
  • Pool and pole party with friends at our place.
  • Plant walk on Borrego Trail, near Tesuque Creek.
  • I joined Kaiju Aikido Club. Aikido is a martial art which uses physics and anatomy principles with low-energy movements that redirect and neutralizes an opponent’s attack energy while protecting the attacker from injury. The name translates to “The way of spiritual harmony”.
  • Dinner with our three favourite neighbours at our house.
  • Dancing while listening to the ABBAquerque band at Tumbleroot.

Movie of the month

We saw our first road runner in Albuquerque!

Goals for next month

  • A short trip to San Francisco with Riya.
  • See Riya’s first belly dancing performance.
  • Some organizing is still needed in the office.
  • Go to Aikido practice as often as possible.
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