July 2023 in review

My monthly series

Selfie at Meow Wolf Santa Fe


This is the ninth post in my Month in review series.

I got a New Mexico license plate on my car.
I got my New Mexico driver’s license.
I’ve been attending martial arts classes for about a month.

The theme of the month is: integration.


I joined an Aikido club and I’ve been attending training sessions enthusiastically.

I find many similarities between Aikido and Parkour: the efficiency of movement, economy of energy, and flow.

I like the principles and methods of Aikido. The movements of Aikido are precise, intellectual, gentle, fast adapting, well timed, and coordinated. Aikido is a martial art in which the goal is to neutralize an attack energy while protecting the attacker and the defender from injury and pain.

Month activities

Street photography

Month favorites

  • Watching the Supermoon moonrise (July 3rd).
  • Visit to Madrid, NM.
  • Riya’s first belly dancing performance, Seed to Flower, at Pomegranate Studio.
  • Barbie movie première at Violet Crown Cinema.
  • Barbie themed party at someone’s house.
  • Hosting Riya’s Chinese Cuisine dinner with neighboors.
  • Cocktails at Coyote Cafe.
  • Burlesque show with Zircus Erotique.
  • Watched the movie Delhi-6 with Riya, learned a lot about Indian culture and daily life.
  • Lunch at Farmer’s Market at the Santa Fe Railyard.
  • Visited the New Mexico History Museum.
  • Solo day hike on Tesuque Peak and Lake Peak in the Sangre de Cristo mountains.
Alexandre de Verteuil
Alexandre de Verteuil
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