August 2023 in review

My monthly series

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This is the tenth post in my Month in review series.

Riya practices belly dance many hours per week, and does regular performances with her company. I go to aikido class three or four times per week; I got a yellow stripe on my white belt. We continue to have coffee with neighbours every Friday morning. Our work is steady and we are both getting better at our respective jobs.

The theme of the month is: routine.

Month photo dump

Month favorites

  • Dances in the Tent of Rubies belly dance performance.
    • They had live musicians, which made the experience really extraordinary.
  • Visited the New Mexico History Museum.
  • Opening night of my aikido teacher’s art exhibit at Pop Gallery.
  • Pot luck dinner at home with Riya’s belly dance company.
  • Indian Market at Santa Fe plaza.
    • Just a quick walk through. There are thousands of art stands and exhibits. This event is really big and spills out on streets beyond the Plaza.
  • Visit at Mama’s Minerals store in Albuquerque with Riya and her geologist friends.
  • Watched a belly dance performance at the Plaza during a cultural event.
  • Wine and cheese party at friends’ house.
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Alexandre de Verteuil
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