March 2024 in review

My monthly series

Santa Fe River

This is the seventeenth post in my Month in review series.

This month I stayed in New Mexico. There was Riya’s birthday, a day in Albuquerque for the Curiosities and Oddities Expo, and a day trip to Taos Plaza.

I remember Spring is very vibrant and alive in New Mexico. Apricot trees are in full bloom. We bought two rose plants for the garden.

The theme of the month is: bees.

Month activities

Street photography

Month favorites

  • Riya’s birthday!
    • Birthday dinner at home with friends.
    • Spa day at Ojo Caliente. It’s free on your birthday!
  • Oddities and Curiosities Expo in Albuquerque.
    • As last year, but with a different group of friends.
  • Saturday road trip to Taos Plaza.
    • Stunning views on the drive.
    • Stop at The Coffee Apothecary.
    • Thrift stores.
    • Chocolate stores.
    • Art galleries.
  • Went for lunch at Cowgirl’s a few times downtown Santa Fe for great vibes and New Mexican cooking.
  • Thrift shopping at Double Take, we bought a gorgeous little lamp!
  • Hiking has started!
  • Lunch with people from aikido.
    • After a training session one Sunday, we went to a diner/café to meet and chat.
    • Seven people showed up. We might do this again, it was fun to know people.
  • Watched a dance performance with local dance collective Seventh Sense at Teatro Paraguas in Midtown Santa Fe.

Goals for next month

  • I have a business trip in Charlotte, North Carolina. I want to check out the museums while I’m there.
  • Then I’m going to attend an aikido seminar in Boulder, Colorado. I’ll drive to this one, it’s similar to Montreal–Toronto, except on the South-North axis.
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