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I started using Grafana and Prometheus at my previous job at iWeb as a tool to get feedback for my infrastructure automation playbooks development. I have always understood Observability as the counterpart of Automation of goal-driven behavior in the context of IT infrastructure. As such, Observability is 50% of a bigger picture. At Grafana Labs, we have defined what Grafana and Observability is in relation to many frames of reference before and from many angles, but I haven’t heard any discussion using psychology and neuropsychology like this. I also don’t think we have strong opinions and thought leadership in the Automation half.

Automation is the extension of the motor system.
Observability is the extension of the sensory system.

Does this help frame Grafana in business use cases? Is this too developer/sysadmin centric? Is this analogy applicable in the Business Intelligence space we are hoping to expand to? Should we talk more about automation and goal driven behavior? I’ve seen that customers who are immature with automation and devops don’t adopt Grafana and Prometheus tools as quickly as teams who are elite DevOps teams. Should we spend more time guiding customers in a transformation towards automation practices? Do we want to frame Tanka in the automation counterpart to our opinionated observability stack?

Alexandre de Verteuil
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I help teams get monitoring and observability on distributed computer systems using telemetry and logging software building blocks. Monkeys and sunsets make me happy.