Dragon hunting

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Dragon hunting is the process of searching and slaying chaos dragons. Sometimes, it is also called a mind sweep. I like to do mind sweeps while doing a physical space sweep, with a clipboard in hand.

  1. Take writing pad, a piece of paper, and a pencil.
  2. Walk around the house, room by room:
    1. Enter a room.
    2. Observe the walls, dimensions, furniture, objects, colours, materials, the air, the ceiling.
    3. Move on to the next room.
    4. Inventory all the dragons on the paper. Areas to clean, to organize, to process. Note also any project, to do action, idea that comes to mind.


Alexandre de Verteuil
Alexandre de Verteuil
Senior Solutions Architect

I teach people how to see the matrix metrics.
Monkeys and sunsets make me happy.