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I usually have poor dream recall, sometimes just a few key words, almost no images or feelings. The fact of writing everything I can remember about my dreams every morning helps develop my memory of dream details. After a few days of this, I can start writing small narratives. After a couple of weeks, I can remember entire dreams, sometimes 2 or 3 dreams per night.


For this one, I use a marine blue Moleskine Classic Notebook Large Ruled (Amazon.ca).


  • I leave this notebook open on my bedside table with a ballpoint pen in the open page.
  • I have a reading light for writing at night.
  • I write the dream narrative. If I don’t remember the narrative, then at least a few keywords.

Dream analysis

My therapist and I use dreams as a basis for free associating and analysis during our sessions. To facilitate this, I have a password protected website built with Hugo that I use as an online journal, and I give access to my therapist.

Alexandre de Verteuil
Alexandre de Verteuil
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