I ❤️ U Debarati! ✨

With you, I feel in trust and cared for. And I’m inspired to cherish you, and to create beauty and community around us wherever our lives wind up. 🌹💐

This photo story and reenactment represents:

  • A one week trip to Montreal,
  • An opportunistic return to the place we met three years and nine months ago,
  • An engagement proposal to Debarati,
  • She said yes!
  • With our friend Max, witness and photographer,
  • The ring is a thrift from Double Take in Santa Fe,
  • The ring box is vintage from Etsy,
  • Both our shirts were found while walking and shopping in Montreal on the same trip,

Thanks Max for taking these Amazing pictures!

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Das for your blessings and prayers!

Alexandre de Verteuil
Alexandre de Verteuil
Senior Solutions Architect

I teach people how to see the matrix metrics.
Monkeys and sunsets make me happy.