You'll be jealous of my girlfriend's womancave

This was my project for my vacation week.

Library and desk

I built shelves for my girlfriend's “womancave”. I used heavy-duty steel shelving hardware from Lee Valley. Using the whole wall for made-to-measure shelving doubled the storage volume compared to our old IKEA EXPEDIT 5×5 cubes TV unit. Shelves are 12” deep, 8’ wide.

Multimedia cabinet

I converted the wardrobe into a multimedia cabinet. The shelves hanging system is really just a simple 1×4 piece of wood on both sides with two 2” screws in the wall studs. L brackets prevent downwards bending of the 3 upper shelves. Three 2×4 sections are vertically aligned under the TV to hold the weight of all the devices and the TV.

Alexandre de Verteuil
Senior Customer Engineer

I do systems administration and customer support