Let's Encrypt on load balancers and reverse proxies with tls-sni-01

How to use certbot --manual to obtain and renew Let's Encrypt SSL certificates on an Nginx or HAProxy load balancer.

Let's Encrypt SSL on with Ansible

A playbook to get an SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt and install it on a site using Ansible's letsencrypt module

Premier pull-request accepté!

Ma première contribution à un logiciel libre a été acceptée sur GitHub.

New blog iteration

Migrating my blog from my homebrew Django application to Pelican, the static site generator written in Python.

Building man pages with Debian packaging scripts

How to build a man page from RestructuredText format using Debian build scripts.

Multiprocessing in Django apps

Managing multiprocessing and database connexions in Django apps

Trigger a Javascript file drop event with Python and Selenium

I needed unit testing for a page which allows to upload files by dragging and dropping them from the desktop.

Position a CSS background like a block element

Here is how to position a background with a percentage as though it was an element with "position:absolute".

`mailto:` URI handler in Python

This is a mailto: URI handler written in Python 3.4.

Calculate months elapsed between two dates in Python

Calculate the number of months elapsed between two dates. Algorigthm and Python implementation.

Topology of the Python stack

How are execution frames located in relation to each other in the stack, and in relation with the __main__ module?

Image Collection Organizing Helper

A Bash script to sort images in directories by theme and rename them with tags — improved.

Image sorting helper script

A Bash script to sort images in directories by theme and rename them with tags.

Monitor Python subprocess' output streams in real-time

How to read both stdout and stderr in real-time with Python using